Pankhurst Jeered

Women’s Party & Victory in the War

Friday 8th February 1918 Today “The Women’s Party” have issued a manifesto bearing the signatures of Mrs Pankhurst, Miss Christabel Pankhurst, Miss Annie Kenny, and Mrs Fiona Drummond, stating that their first act as enfranchised British women is to send greetings to the Allied nations and a pledge to use their political power to bring…

Old car

Local & District News

Friday 8th February 1918 Lighting Up Times – For Vehicles and obscuration of indoor lights in Preston and surrounding areas is as follows: Vehicles: 5.33pm Indoor Lights: 6.33pm


Preston Ex Soldier dies in Blackpool

Monday 7th January 1918 Preston Ex Corporal George Brewer died at Victoria Hospital, Blackpool after succumbing to wounds he received in Mons, France at the outbreak of the war after which he was discharged due to being unfit for further service. He was a single man who was staying with his sister, Mrs Sanderson in…


Technology Fights Vandalism on the Buses

Friday 7th February 1975 Bus conductors or ‘clippies’ as they were once known began to disappear from our public transport as new bus designs had front entrances next to the drivers seat allowing the driver to additionally collect fares as passengers entered the bus. However, although this meant a saving for the bus company due…

Old Evening Gazette

Record Sale of Newspapers

Monday 7th February 1955 In the 1950s if you wanted to catch up on the news, local, national or international, the newspaper was the only way to get it. Yes, you could see news reels on the TV or at the Cinema or here broadcasts on the radio but newspapers were ubiquitous, with topics covered…