Blackpool beach

Nude Bathing a No Go

Friday 14th February 1975 Labour Home Secretary of the day Mr Roy Jenkins announced to a 20,000 strong Council for British Naturism that it is legal to swim and sunbathe in the nude along the coasts of the UK as long as the local authority approves, which it quite obviously does not with Blackpool’s Deputy…

Blackpool Tower

Blackpool shows Paris how to build a Tower

Thursday 13th February 1975 A Tower of chocolate that is! Students of Blackpool College of Technology and Art are starting this year’s rag week activities on a high note by taking a chocolate Blackpool Tower built on a wooden frame to Paris as part of the forthcoming student rag week. It will be the duty…

Margaret Thatcher

Maggie’s First Day in the Job

Wednesday 12th February 1975 Un-flustered, today Mrs Thatcher started her first day as leader of the opposition after winning her leadership battle against the Rt Hon; Edward Heath. Wasting no time at all she first consulted with the Tory Chief Whip, Mr Humphrey Atkins and then almost immediately presided over a meeting of the Shadow…

Ringo Gets Married

Ringo Gets Wed

Thursday 11th February 1965 Ringo Starr marries Miss Maureen Cox, a hairdresser from Liverpool at Caxton Hall, London at 8.15am this day. The ceremony lasted all of 10 minutes and was booked just two days earlier. Ringo had proposed to Maureen at the Ad-Lib club in London on the 20th January of the same year….

man in the kitchen cooking

Shock! Men like cooking too!

Thursday 10th February 1955 With all the male chefs currently on our screens, it’s almost unbelievable to think that there was a time when to see a man cooking in the home was quite shocking. However, this was the case in 1955, so much so in fact, that a female reporter covering a local cooking…