Miners Home Blackpool

Miners Come to Blackpool

Friday 24th March 1905 If we could pull those sorts of numbers in today the town would be in a far better financial state, then again I suppose the town has faired better than the British mining communities.

HRH Prince Edward

Launch of the Forerunner to the Prince of Wales Trust

Saturday 23rd March 1935 Lord Derby was in Preston this day in 1935 at the Lancashire County meeting to help promote the Prince of Wales initiative, which was to be named the ‘King George’s Jubilee Trust’ and  would be dedicated to the welfare of the youth in the country. He was there to make sure…

Moral Re-Armament

Discrimination & Morality

Monday 22nd March 1965 On this day in 1965, it was reported in the local press that former tennis player, Mr H.W. “Bunny” Austin spoke out over the problem concerning top young British amateurs in the game, saying they would normally apply to move up to professional status, but he has been reliably informed they…

Blackpool bus

Double Decker Display – Would this work today?

Monday 21st March 1955 On this day in 1955 it was reported that a Blackpool double-decker bus had been purchased from the Corporation for £350. It was bought by what could be called a forward thinking furniture firm as they planned to use it as a mobile show house to display their wares. The bottom…

Vickers Armstrong Factory

Squires Gate – History Repeating Itself

Tuesday 20th March 1945 During the war the manufacturing company Vickers Armstrong at Squires Gate was busy building planes for the RAF in factories built and owned by the Government. This was one of many factories throughout the country which would soon, most assumed, be out of use with the end of the war now…