Squandering Coal

Squandering Coal On the Gas Fire?

Thursday 1st February 1945 1945 Public Information advert That’s exactly what you are doing when you turn your gas fire full-on when half-on would do. Every gas flame is a coal flame. The higher it is turned, the bigger the lump of coal that has to be taken from the Nation’s reserves. The same applies…

man and boy

Errand Boy to President

Thursday 1st February 1945 He was a baker, man and boy, a true reflection of a bygone age. How many people presently coming up to retirement can say they have been in the same job all their working life? Then again how many people would want the same job their whole working life?

old shop

Man found behind shop counter

Thursday 1st February 1945 There are times when reading newspaper articles that you just wish you could have been a fly on the wall and this is one such time. Merchant seaman John Mossop Lewis of Hornby Rd, Blackpool was found behind a shop counter when a local bobby on his beat noticed broken glass…

Miserable Man

Helping friends cost him £12 10s

Thursday 1st February 1945 William Royle of Compley Ave, Poulton was summoned for the improper use of petrol and the use of trade plates for an unauthorised purpose. He pleaded guilty and was fined £12, 10s for giving some friends a lift home in his employer’s car after they couldn’t get a taxi home. I…