Germans to use Gas!


Friday 2nd February 1945


World War I British Football team with gas masks on in 1916

It was reported on this day by the French News Agency based in Ankara that the Germans planned to use poison gas bombs and shells on the eastern front to help them obtain a quick negotiated peace.

It goes on to say that the Germans were well aware that the allies had vast stockpiles of gas and expected heavy losses but new it would also create heavy civilian casualties which they thought might help them in negotiating better peace terms.

Thankfully this information was incorrect, whether this was propaganda by the allies no one will ever know as Churchill had not written off the use of chemical weapons, so much so in fact a secret memo sent in July 1944 to his Military Chiefs has since been discovered where he suggests they “think very seriously over this question of using poison gas.”

Thankfully, neither, the British Military Chiefs or the German High Command chose to use gas but this might not have been the case had the Germans invaded Britain.


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