Free Transport for Football fans


Saturday 6th February 1965

PD3 514, Cleveleys, 25.9.1967 (Peter Makinson) TS0108

Thanks to for this image which was taken in Cleveleys in the 60s

Unlike today where we can shop online or over the phone without having to get out of our chair or failing that jump into our cars and pop down to the supermarket no matter what time of day, in 1965 things were very different with the bus still being one of the most popular forms of transport for most people.

So when the bus crews decided to go on national strike it had a profound effect on many working class families. To cause the most disruption the Unions had decided on one day strikes and all of them on a Saturday. Mr A.R. Fasham, President of the Chamber of Trade said the strike would result in a loss of hundreds of thousands of pounds for the Manchester area stating: “Nearly half the week’s money in the popular retail trade comes on a Saturday.”

It also affected many sports pastimes. In Devon, Exeter City FC who were playing Port Vale attempted to lay on coaches for fans to minimise the expected low gate but sadly none were available. Gillingham FC who had a game with Bristol City on this day, hired four double decker buses to collect fans from outlying areas at no charge!

I wonder what football teams would charge fan’s today if they had to offer a similar service?
Sadly, in the current money mad world that is football I couldn’t see them even offering.


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