Launch of the Forerunner to the Prince of Wales Trust

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Saturday 23rd March 1935

Lord Derby was in Preston this day in 1935 at the Lancashire County meeting to help promote the Prince of Wales initiative, which was to be named the ‘King George’s Jubilee Trust’ and  would be dedicated to the welfare of the youth in the country. He was there to make sure that there was no dissenting voice against what he described as a National Thank-offering Fund. The Trust was to be set up in celebration of the King’s 25th anniversary of his accession to the thrown.

The video above explains in detail and by Edward the Prince of Wales himself the purpose and reason for the Trust.

Lord Derby said he had great confidence that Lancashire would be generous with its donation and believed the Prince’s appeal would be greeted with great enthusiasm. One of the key objectives of the trust was to help existing local organisations rather than create new ones and aimed to lend a hand of support to local people who were currently working in this area. He also suggested that as Lancashire had a great need for support in this area it would hopefully benefit greatly from the trust receiving a large share of the Fund.

He said the trust would help young people with recreation, interests and above all opportunities and appealed to all older people who were not already helping juvenile organisations to give generously, so they could help aid tens of thousands more children, girls and boys, to help find happiness and security.


Although I cannot find any confirmation of this, I think you can safely say this charity was the forerunner of the current Prince of Wales Trust which was founded in 1976 by the current Prince of Wales after he left the Royal Navy. The current trust is based on similar ideals and presently offers a range of opportunities including training, personal development, business start up support, mentoring and advice for young people in the UK.


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