Everyone Wasn’t ‘All In It Together’ in 1940

Tuesday 16th March 1940 It was reported this day in 1940 that as far as food was concerned everybody was certainly NOT all in it together. During the war and for quite a few years after, food was rationed, meaning a limit was set on what you could buy. This was done by way of…


Shock! Men like cooking too!

Thursday 10th February 1955 With all the male chefs currently on our screens, it’s almost unbelievable to think that there was a time when to see a man cooking in the home was quite shocking. However, this was the case in 1955, so much so in fact, that a female reporter covering a local cooking…

Squandering Coal

Squandering Coal On the Gas Fire?

Thursday 1st February 1945 Public Information advert
That’s exactly what you are doing when you turn your gas fire full-on when half-on would do. Every gas flame is a coal flame. The higher it is turned, the bigger the lump of coal that has to be taken from the Nation’s reserves. The same applies…


Blackpool Rotter

Tuesday 3rd January 1933 As the actress Thora Hird once fondly said of Blackpool, “Romeos, Juliets, smart alecs, rotters… all there all part of it.” Well Mr Alfred Hayden (28) of Topping St was definitely one of the rotters. He appeared in court today after obtaining money under false pretences in Blackpool from several people.