Double Decker Display – Would this work today?

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Monday 21st March 1955

Blackpool bus

On this day in 1955 it was reported that a Blackpool double-decker bus had been purchased from the Corporation for £350. It was bought by what could be called a forward thinking furniture firm as they planned to use it as a mobile show house to display their wares.
The bottom deck displayed four suites whilst on the top were upholstery materials and dining room furniture.
The bus was totally transformed inside with the middle deck being cut away and raised nine inches. The stairs were moved and the whole inner space was redesigned with everyone who entered it after its major uplift saying how very impressive it was. As expected it received a lot of attention from the media.
Maybe Paul Gaunt, Lefton’s or DFS should consider something similar it would certainly raise awareness for their stores.


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