New NAZI Secret Weapon found on Yorkshire Coast

Monday 25th March 1940 On this day in 1940 a NAZI Secret Weapon was discovered along the Yorkshire Coast in Bridlington. In the shape of a torpedo the object had two propeller fins at one end and a portrait of Neville Chamberlain the then Prime Minister complete with Umbrella sculpted on it at the other….

Vickers Armstrong Factory

Squires Gate – History Repeating Itself

Tuesday 20th March 1945 During the war the manufacturing company Vickers Armstrong at Squires Gate was busy building planes for the RAF in factories built and owned by the Government. This was one of many factories throughout the country which would soon, most assumed, be out of use with the end of the war now…

Soldiers On Watch

The Phoney War Continues But All Out War Looms Large

Tuesday 19th March 1940 The local papers are full of it and on a daily basis. Today’s focus is on the recent meeting of Mussolini and Hitler, the separate war between Russia and Finland, known as the Winter War, the U-Boat menace in the Atlantic, the Nazi raids on Paris, a Nazi supplies agreement with…

UK Childs Ration Book WW2

Everyone Wasn’t ‘All In It Together’ in 1940

Tuesday 16th March 1940 It was reported this day in 1940 that as far as food was concerned everybody was certainly NOT all in it together. During the war and for quite a few years after, food was rationed, meaning a limit was set on what you could buy. This was done by way of…


Germans to use Gas!

Friday 2nd February 1945 It was reported on this day by the French News Agency based in Ankara that the Germans planned to use poison gas bombs and shells on the eastern front to help them obtain a quick negotiated peace. It goes on to say that the Germans were well aware that the allies…