1970s Football – Not such a family game

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Monday 3rd February 1975


After Jimmy Hill, pundit on the popular Match of the Day programme, remarked on how he thought a Blackpool steward had acted in an un-sportsman like manor, all hell broke loose.

The match in question was between Blackpool and Sunderland and he was particularly commenting on the penalty kick taken by Sunderland’s Billy Hughes and the fact that Blackpool Steward, 77 year old Mr Bert Taylor of Birkdale Rd, Bispham at the time was jumping and waving his hands about behind the goal mouth. After being questioned about the incident and asked if he was trying to put the player off Mr Taylor said: “It’s a load of fuss about nothing”. Stating he had been standing to the left of the goal and Hughes kicked to the right corner, “I had to move to make way for the photographers behind the goal.

Mr Taylor, a steward of the club for 22 years and a supporter since the 1900s didn’t see the televised game and therefore didn’t hear Mr Hills comments.

Fortunately the club did not reprimand Mr Taylor and in his defence club secretary Mr McBain stated: Mr Taylor does a very difficult job for us very well”

My question is I wonder if the Blackpool fans are as ill behaved these days?


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